The Vending Machine for your Pharmacy


MedyBox, The Vending Machine

combining expertise and continuous innovation to the success of your pharmacy

The Automatic Distribution Models for Pharmacies

Several models of vending machines able to adapt to the needs of Pharmacy and tailored solutions for all needs.


Tax Incentives 2020

Tax Incentives 2020 Italy

MedyBox is the vending machine Innovative, Patented and equipped with a highly advanced technology. This means that by purchasing one of our distributors, take full advantage of the tax credit of 40% enterprise 4.0

In addition, to the south:

For all activities tax based in the south, there is an ADDITIONAL CUMULATIVE and 45% tax credit. A unique opportunity

credito imposta distributori farmacia

Additional modules of Dispensers for Pharmacies

Each vending machine can increase the number of references by adding modules directly managed electronically by the main model.


management and telemetry Software

The right tool for remote management of your vending machine, complete with statistical analysis module, monitoring and creation of commercial offers.
A photograph in real time of all the activities in the vending machine, technical and commercial.


Full optional

Dispensers to complete with all the options Pharmacies necessary for the operation and proper user experience.



A range of free services to protect the customer to demonstrate the quality and efficiency of the starting product.


MedyBox, The Vending Machine Patented combining expertise and continuous innovation for your success

ASG Srl is an innovative start-up born of twenty years experience in the pharmacy of the Sole sector, particularly in the segment of vending machines for pharmaceutics.
The perfect combination of market knowledge, product quality and continuous innovation oriented to the real needs of the pharmacy.
MedyBox allows the pharmacy to open up a new market, consisting of a clientele looking for privacy, autonomy and 24 hours on 24.

"Not only a great car, but a great company. The MedyBox staff has assisted me every step: from the very first inquiry service. All expectations have been confirmed, indeed exceeded!"

Dott. Ssa Elena Giussani, Verbania

"MedyBox is able to deliver products of any shape and size. My pharmacy is so open 24 hours a 24".

Dott. Giulio Andreoletti, Milan

Configure your vending machine

And, you'll get a tailor-made It begins
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